Deep To Reality

Bleeding Heart

Deep to Reality
(Music & Lyrics By Bruno Flohr)

I feel so alone
While I'm surrounded by people
The warrior in mine
Doesn't fight like before
My mirror only tell me the truth
It hurts me
Wisdom gone by these times of disgrace
Worries of life
That I can't forget
Let me be in your dreams
Then I will be with you
Then I will be your wishes
Then I will be what you want

In this game we can't join
So then no one can win
We fall from our highest dreams
So deep to reality
Our magical land
Disappear in a blink

I can't win
In the game I can't join...

...deep to reality
The future goes down
So close to you
I wish to stay now
When I need the help
Come for my salvation
Maybe I can pay you back


...In this game no one can win!!!

Liberty is the madness inside our minds
Mad desires that don't leave our minds in peace

Making we live in a nightmare
We make-believe anyway
Dreamland we will never visit

Freedom someday
Will be a great mystery

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