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After 38 Weeks


Muted, distant, unrecognizable sounds…
The city, the people, the kitchen, the bathroom,
Places i managed to recognize
After several days
But not by smell
I can't smell anything
It feels like i'm not breathing
My sense of taste also ruthlessly vanished somewhere
The last thing i had in my mouth left a metallic aftertaste
But it was ages ago
I see nothing
Gravity is nonexistent
Where the hell am i?
Impulse how did it happen?
Why can't i remember who i am, what i am?
After a minute i realize i don't remember anything
What was yesterday, what's today?
I'm suspended in a smudgy, fuzzy, vague, obstinate nothingness
I'm swallowed, my world shrinked
And keeps getting smaller like it's trying to devour me
Then again i have a strong sense of assured safety
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