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Enchanted Tower


Can you imagine a time when the enchanted voice locked maidens in the tower ?
If you can then you''re blessed,put yourself to the test before it all starts to turn sour.
If the time ever came when things weren''t the same,could you be content ?
Valkyrie sing on the edge of the ring that was heaven heaven sent.

Locked in the tower,the enchanted tower.

The jester is a fool in a spiral pool,locking doors in his path,
and he looks for a planthat turns beasts into man,in the aftermath.
If the cosmic king gave you the ring hten leap frogged the stars,
could the knowledge you gained be lost in the rain by the Asgardian bard ?

Locked in the tower,the enchanted tower.

Will you be lighting the fuse ? Do you know how to use the power of the ring ?
Will you safely reach the hour when you find the lost tower,the tower of Cosmic king ?

Do you think you will find the power in your mind that you''ll need to strive ?
Will you search the town & hunt him down to capture him alive ?

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