Darkness makes you feel as heavy as lead
Weariness suffocates you
You feel bored every day
Till ya see the spider beside you

In it's eyes twinkles a cold fire
Your heartbeat falls and you're anxious
It paralysed you with it's glimpse
You cannot scream and now it assaults

And like fire it comes over you
Infernal rhythm mighty torments
Guitars screaming in your ear
Sting of tarantula that makes you dance


The world turns round and round in circles
Your limbs are flinching savagly
If ya dance the dance of tarantula
You might loose your soul finally


Rock and Roll that evil old spider
Took over your soul
You flounder in it's net
And you're screaming so loud

It crawles towards you
Black with wild starring eyes
Dance the dance of tarantula
You will never break out

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