Last Battle


I hear your scream in through the darkness
I'm your really help from twilight zone
Master calls my name with pain sword now is in his right hand
His blood are weting all my own I feel the scare it makes me run
The Beast can't survive of the

Last battle...soldiers fight the world

Master lays over flow of evil power concented of gods
From hell they send us too much rain charged of hate and holy rage
Now the eight rings are with my sword, soul's people forever free
from the creator of the

(solo 1: Elb ; solo 2: Ach ; solo 3: Elb ; solo 4: Ach ; solo 5: Elb ; solo 6: Ach)

Soldiers of death ride with me to the north star to be forever free
In a holy earth burner begins eight rings and fire open seas
The sky turns red by the thunders of death
My eyes can see the white horseman of peace, he looks back to me to seal...

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