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You ask me the same question
About the way I choose to live
That is none of your damn business
But here we go again
I don't need no liquor it only holds me down
I just need some money and I'll be satisfied

You throw that line to pick up a fight
Everybody knows you're dead
You're the dirt
I will remove
You are out - I am not
Everybody knows you're dead
You're the twig I'm about to
Snap in two

All my lessons I have learnt
Pretty much nothing I just follow my mind
There's no one there to help you
Unless you help yourself
I ain't got the answers
Only results

There are a million ways to be hated
And this is one of those
I am way too selfish to care anymore
This is my home here and you are the quest
Behave yourself be nice, and I will treat you right
And I will treat you right
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