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Without Any Remorse


Total chaos, catastrophy
All the victims of violent tragedy
Mourning souls salvation stole
Through domination and control
We won't look away
Forget and try to escape
Run away and hide
But be prepared to die
The hunt is on
We're on the prowl
You live your life
Like a fucking coward
You won't win, we can't loose
Time has caught up with you
Look into these eyes
You will see my pain
You will feel it when I
Say your name in vein
You thought this was your world
You thought you'd take control
We're going to put an end to all this bullshit
You tried to bring us down
We're gonna rise to the top
You pushed us way to hard
Now we're never gonna stop
Take control of this world
You will never
This is our world
You've pushed us way to hard
We're never gonna stop
War War War
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