(Bootleg Talking)
Ohh bitch
You don't wanna fuck with me no more
Ohh we through like dat
Ohh you got another nigga now
I got a secret to tell you
Check it out
Your moma got some good ass pusy and since we through
I'm gon tell your funky ass your moma fucks way better than you
So silly I used to love it when you left us all alone
Your moma be suckin' the skin off Bootleg's dick when you was gone
But don't you get upset it's all your fault your moma heard you cum
Settin' it inside her so good I couldn't resist from breakin' her off some
And now you wanna cry but bitch thats weak so save the drama
Screw who you wanna screw cause bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
And bitch by the way she told me she pregnant
and havin' a baby some year so gain the respect
She buyin' me gators and pelles
and ain't no abortion commin' don't bother to check
And now you wanna piss a bitch and whine just like a baby do
Your daddy was fuckin' you now
ya'll even she fuckin' your boyfriend too
Your moms she was the bomb makin' me cum on the late night creep
And known for suckin' my bone
when you wasn't home in the back seat of my jeep
Remember those nights when me and your mom
was sittin' back sippin' on gin
Ran out of juice and there's juice around the corner
so why she send you to buy hers then
To fuck, your moma's a slut you lookin' surprised
I know this is breakin you up
At times when me and her grind
I cover her mouth to keep from wakin' you up
A nut is what I'm about your moma
was wit it and I can admit it was good
But still with me and her till I feel
that I'm real for lettin' her stomp on my wood
In fact when she was on her back
I'm givin' her all this desire and D-I-C-K
Your moma likes dick in her booty
and that's what I'm givin' her on this mothers day
My bone is breakin up homes much dick
as I can fullfillin' your life with drama
So fuck who you want like or suck
who you want cause bitch I was fuckin your moma

(Chorus) x4
Bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
Bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
Bitch I'm fuckin' your, Bitch I'm fuckin' your
Bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
Bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
(Uh Uh boy I know you ain't fuckin' my moma)

Your moma be suckin' my dick every day and I love it
Inhale, Exhale blowin' my dick out in public
Your moma and me we promise to be the perfect family together in harmony
Don't take it from me just wait and you'll see
Fuckin' from the bedroom to the showers
Now we buckin on the toilet bowl for hours
Got me nuttin' she takin' doses down her throut that got her chokin'
My dick is the weapon that super soaked it
Flickin' my dick like its a big lighter inside her I never cum quick
Wettin' my palm freakin her slow
Makin' her tingle from nipple to toe
Slappin' that ass makin' it shine
Makin' her give me my nickles and dimes
Droppin' her off taught her to ball
Gave her the game how to spend at the mall
Releasin' the bombs fuckin' your moms
Makin' her cum for days and days
Inches of dick keepin her sick like hookies in hot sun rays
Bitch I'm the bizoss fuckin' your mizoms till my dizick is izoff
Now showin' off I got the styles and capabilites to drill that ass
Kill that ass, fill that ass, bill that ass
Now every time we screw you know how we do just keepin' it true
No sooner than we through my partner tryin' to fuck her too
My bone is breakin' up homes much dick as I can
fullfillin' your life with drama
So fuck who you want lick or suck
who you want cause bitch I was fuckin your moma

Bitch it's your moma

What? My own fuckin' moma?
What you mean my motherfuckin' moma?
What the fuck?
Nigga how the fuck you gonna be fuckin' me and my motherfuckin' moma

I mean
What the fuck? Nigga you tryin' to bring motherfuckin' drama nigga
I thought you knew how we do nigga
I mean
Puttin' it down for motherfuckin F-L-I-N-T nigga
I mean
What the fuck?
I mean I'm talkin' about what you mean "you mean" nigga?
I mean
What the fuck? Nigga what?
Your moma got some.....good pusy.
Fuck you Bootleg, Fuck you
No fuck your moma (I did)

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