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Till I'm Gone

Blu Cantrell

Verse 1
i gave him love, i gave my all, i gave myself, i lost control,
held nothing back, i just let go
now i'm realizing i've been all alone

he won't love me ¤ till i'm gone gone.
but i don't want him 'cause he's wrong wrong
now he love, 'cause i'm gone gone but it's just too late ,
'cause now i found someone

verse 2
i'm looking for an everlasting love,
the kind that every girl like me dreams of.
when you said you loved me i realized you lied.
now all i have to say to you is goodbye

Hook repeat

lord tell him something, 'cause he's lost his mind
if i could rewind, i wouldn't give him the time
i'll take all this pain, and throw it away
i realize, you ain't good ebough for me

Hook (repeat out)
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