At Least We Had A War

Blueline Medic

What I was looking at when I was looking up?
Remind me, what was I looking at?
Remind me, you had an answer for everything.
Dropping from our height we broke and aligned,
so many deaths . . . was it almost an answer for everything?
All lines down, 'What do you want me to say?'
Comes too hard and from you too easily, don't remind me.
It's almost your answer for everything.
Now you're sunk in your seat.
The figure of platonic economy, were we always paying for that?
And like it was a matter of fact?
Tell me, what were we aiming at anyway?
You're drifting slowly long with the void raging all around,
you're over ground . . . silent . . .still . . . in coming.
You always did have an answer for everything,
if you still have an answer for everything then answer me.
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