I'm Not There

Bob Dylan

Well it's alright and then she's all the time
In my neighbourhood she cried both day and night
I know it cause it was there

It's a milestone but she down on her luck
And the day makes her lonely but to me hard to buck
I believe

I believe where she stopping where she wants time to care
I believe that she'd look upon deciding to care
And i go by the lord in ways she's on my way
But i don't belong there

No i dont belong to her
I don't belong to anybody
She's my prize foresaken angel but she don't hear me cry
She's a long hearted mistress
And she can't carry on
When im there she's alright but she's not when i am gone

Heaven knows that there's an answer
She's not calling no one
She's away sailing beautiful
She's mine for the one
And i lost her hesitation
By temptation less it runs
But she don't holler me
But i'm not there i am gone

Now i've cried tonight
Like i cried the night before
And i'll feast on her eyes
But i dream about the door
So long jesus savior
Blind faith where the tale?
It don't hang proclamation
She's my own far thee well
Now i went out neath the levee
I was born to love her
But she knows that the kingdom
Waits so high above her
And i run but i race
But its not to fast a slim?
But i ll not deceive her
I'm not there i am gone

Well it's all about confusion as i cry for her veil
I don't need anybody now be side me to tell
And it's all information i can see but it's not
She's a lone hearted beauty but she's gone like the spot
And she wants
Yes she's gone like the rainbow that shining yesterday
But now she's a home beside me and i'd like to here her stay
She's a cold forsaken beauty and it don't trust anyone
And i wish i was beside but i am not there i am gone

Well its too hard to stake in
And i don't bother me
It's all bad for abusing
But she's hard too hard to leave
It's alone it's a crime
The way she wont be around
But she told for to hate me
But this long forsaken clown

Yes i believe that it's rightful
Oh i believe it in my mind
I've been told like i said when i before carry on the crying
And she's all good to told her
Like i said carry on
I wish i was there to help
But i'm not there im gone
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