Can't Escape From You

Bob Dylan

Oh the evening train is rolling
All along the homeward way
All my hopes are over the horizon
All my dreams have gone away
The hillside darkly shaded
Stars fall from above
All the joys of earth have faded
The night's untouched by love
I'll be here 'til tomorrow

Beneath a shroud of grey
I pretend I'm free of sorrow
My heart is miles away
The dead bells are ringing
My train is overdue
To your memory I'm clinging
I can't escape from you
Well I hear the sound of thunder

Roaring loud and long
Sometimes you've got to wonder
God knows I've done no wrong
You've wasted all your power
You threw out the christmas pie
Now you're withering like a flower
You'll play the fool and die
I'm neither sad nor sorry
I'm all dressed up in black

I fought for fame and glory
You tried to break my back
In the far off sweet forever
The sunshine peeking through
We should have walked together
I can't escape from you
I cannot grasp the shadows
That gather near the door
Rain falls round my window

I wish I'd seen you more
The path is ever-winding
The stars they never age
The morning light is blinding
All the world's a stage
Should be the time of gladness
Happy faces everywhere
The mystery of madness
Is propagating in the air
I don't like the city
Not like some folks do

Isn't it a pity
I can't escape from you
We ploughed the fields of heaven
Right down to the end
I hope I can be forgiven
If any words of mine offend
All our days were splendid
They were simple, they were plain

It never should have ended
I should have kissed you in the rain
I've been thinking things all over
All the moments full of grace
The primrose and the clover
Your ever-changing face
Can't help looking at you
You made love with God-knows-who
Never found a girl to match you
I can't escape from you
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