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Tattle O'Day

Bob Dylan

I buyed me a little dog
Color it was brown
I learned him how to whistle
Sing and dance and run
His legs they were 14 yards long
His ears they were quite broad
Around the world in a half a day
And on him I could ride
Sing tattle o' day

I buyed me a little bull
About four inches high
Everybody feared him
That ever heard him cry
When he begins to bellow
It made such a melodious sound
And all the walls in london town
Came tumbling to the ground
Sing tattle o' day

I buyed me a flock of sheep
I thought they were all weathers
Sometimes they yield at wolves
Sometimes they yield at feathers
I think mine are the very best sheep
For yielding increase
For every full change of the moon
They bring both lambs and geese
Sing tattle o' day

I buyed me a little box
About four acres square
I filled it full of guineas
And silver so fair
Oh now I' m bound for turkey
I travel like an ox
And in my big chest pocket
I carry my little box
Sing tattle o' day

I buyed me a little hen
All speckled gay and fair
I sat her on an oyster shell
She hatched me out a hare
The hare it sprang a handsome horse
Blew fifteen hens high
And him that tells a bigger tale
Would have to tell a lie
Sing tattle o' day

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