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Bob Dylan

Did ya read about the flood?
Happened long time ago
In tupelo, mississippi
There were thousands o' lives

It rained, it rained
Both night and day
The poor people was worried
Didn't have no place to go
Could hear may people, cryin' "lord, have mercy"
'Cause you're the only one that we can turn to"

Happened a long time ago
A little town
Way back in mississippi
In tupelo
There was women, and there was children
They were screamin' an' cryin'
Cryin', "lord, have mercy
You're the only one now, that we can turn to"

Way back down in mississippi, a little country town
I know ya read about it
'Cause I'll never forget it
The mighty flood in tupelo, mississippi
Been years ago
Lord, have mercy
Wasn't that a mighty time?
Tupelo's gone

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