Bone Brothers

[Intro: Layzie]
Chka-chka-chkahhh (one, to the two, to the two, to the three)
LDT, Layzie Bone (to the 7, 7, the 7, 7, the 7 we say)

[Thin C (Layzie):]
1 for the (shine) 2 for the
3 for the (family)
4 for the, 5 for the
6-7 gotta lock-n-load, 'bout to rock-n-roll

[Layzie Bone:]
Skull and crossbones, been Layzie when the Shop Boyz was babies
I was "Partyin Like a Rock Star" in a hot car in the 80's
Can't play me, I'm crazy, I wish a nigga would
Snatch a nigga by his flesh and really represent the hood
Now the night is mine, I've been all around the globe
Chasin this money, doin them shows, playa I carry the whole load
See my family is my everythang, my money take care everythang
These nuts I let 'em hang, can't nobody do it better mayne
What's understood don't need to be explained, never
Ask Ronny to tell ya, I'm on a whole 'nother level
I do it cause I'm the shit-shit, you son of a bitch, I'm rich
How many times I got to tell these niggaz to stay up off the dick?
We too big types for fist-fights, wanna start shit, how you been tight
My niggaz is known to up pipe, squeeze on niggaz like "Fuck life"
What I shine dawg, I'm a grind dawg, I remind y'all again
I don't do this to be famous, I do it for my kids

[Chorus x2: Thin C (Layzie)]
1 for the (shine) 2 for the (money!)
3 for my family cause my babies got to know
4 for the (grind) 5 for the (rhyme)
6-7 gotta lock-n-load, 'bout to rock-n-roll

[Bizzy Bone:]
Wheels spinnin dippin, all runaway slaves in white linen
Flourescent blue, that's for the Titans, nigga we get in
Christ-like, crisis, isis; we are the righteous
I'm fightin for the breath of our lightnin, aw yeah
Sweat that, technique, never that, ready set go
Gangsta you know I shed tears as my shotguns steadily go blow
As we lift up off the flo'
I smoke squares on the holy ground, hold it now, whoa
Forty more days to flip yo' mind, nigga you'll seek and you'll find
We in the circumference in an abundance, my ambulances is warning, I'm
Straight out no mushy pussy, way off to eat a tushy
We monster mash it, no cookies, fuck it homie we rookies
Understand it, don't get caught up in my looky-looky
Cocky niggaz get shot, so nigga don't try to push me
Burn that, nigga you earned that, now learn that
Christ will fill you in the buildin, little Layzie turn that


[Layzie Bone:]
Talkin shit but I can back it up, these niggaz ain't no match for us
I been doin this shit so long man these niggaz ain't got no chance with us
A breath of fresh air, like I'm new in the league
LeBron James on these niggaz; too much power, too much steam
Smoke good weed and cigarettes, like Young Nob' I'm still a threat
I'm gone off that ol' shit, really y'all ain't seen nothin yet
Listen to my battle cry, "Art of War" will never die
Roll with me you better ride, sucka shit'll never slide
One for the shine, two for the money
Give it back to my Heavenly Father, he the only one can take it from me
Three for my family, four for they future
The only reason I give a fuck, otherwise I'd shoot ya
Five to stay alive, and six to keep grinding
Seven to get to heaven dawg, it's all about perfect timing
What's on my motherfuckin mind is this
These playa haters got me twisted, rewind it if ya missed it

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Thin C]
Hey, yeah, said I'm 'bout to rock-n-roll
Yeah, hey, said I'm 'bout to rock-n-roll
Hey, yeah, said I'm 'bout to rock-n-roll
Yeah, hey, said I'm 'bout to rock-n-roll
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