1. 1

    Bottlefly - Merry Go Round

  2. 2

    Bottlefly - Bottlefly

  3. 3

    Bottlefly - Closer

  4. 4

    Bottlefly - Clowns

  5. 5

    Bottlefly - Got 2 B Luv

  6. 6

    Bottlefly - Lemoneyez

  7. 7

    Bottlefly - Long Time Coming

  8. 8

    Bottlefly - Michael Caine

  9. 9

    Bottlefly - Silver Revolver

  10. 10

    Bottlefly - So Electric

  11. 11

    Bottlefly - Strawberry

  12. 12

    Bottlefly - Sunshine

  13. 13

    Bottlefly - Umbrella



I'm a rocket I'm a dirty angel, I can liberate your mind Like a comet flying high above you Looking down on your disguise When all of the people laugh what would you say Laughing in lemon eyes blowing your mind away You were the only one cloud in the sky Flying in loneliness kissing the world good bye Living a single life Do you hear me, can you see right through me I'm the prophet in your eyes, Isolation on the path you've chosen Don't forget where I belong Chorus And in the sun there was a bright reflection Of the colours, I love the ones I see Like rivers in the rain, you were the one to suffer You're falling out on me Chorus repeat

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