Another Lover

Dane Bowers

Tell me why it is that you Broke my heart for someone new (you broke my heart) Did I ever let you down? Why did you have to fool around? On me, baby, so why did you leave me? Chorus Does he give you all the love you need? Does he make you feel the way you want like I could (like Icould)? Is he holding your body close at night? Is he giving you all the things you like? Tell me why you love another? Now I hope you're satisfied since you made a fool of me (you madea fool of me) You didn't have to tell those lies when I can see it in youreyes That you ain't true and were cheating on me Now its time for you to know I'm twice the man that you let go But before I say goodbye, tell me the truth and don't deny Is he the one just ask yourself girl Chorus We both know that you were playing around When you're not home, so many lonely nights On my own wondering where you were Were you with him or your girlfriends? Baby what you're doing to me Chorus x3

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