1. 1

    Boy Hits Car - I'm A Cloud

  2. 2

    Boy Hits Car - A Letter From Prison

  3. 3

    Boy Hits Car - A Madness Called Love

  4. 4

    Boy Hits Car - As Day Fades

  5. 5

    Boy Hits Car - As I Watch The Sun F**k The Ocean

  6. 6

    Boy Hits Car - As I Watch The Sun Fuck The Ocean

  7. 7

    Boy Hits Car - Before We Die

  8. 8

    Boy Hits Car - Benkei

  9. 9

    Boy Hits Car - By Your Side

  10. 10

    Boy Hits Car - Clear

  11. 11

    Boy Hits Car - Daregveda

  12. 12

    Boy Hits Car - Dissillusionment

  13. 13

    Boy Hits Car - Dreams (Of Foreign Metabolic Circumstance)

  14. 14

    Boy Hits Car - Escape The World

  15. 15

    Boy Hits Car - Everything

  16. 16

    Boy Hits Car - Fury 'N' I

  17. 17

    Boy Hits Car - Going To India

  18. 18

    Boy Hits Car - Happy

  19. 19

    Boy Hits Car - Hope

  20. 20

    Boy Hits Car - I Am A Cloud

  21. 21

    Boy Hits Car - In The Lateness Of A Day

  22. 22

    Boy Hits Car - Love Fury Passion Energy

  23. 23

    Boy Hits Car - Lovecore (Welcome To)

  24. 24

    Boy Hits Car - Make Me Pure

  25. 25

    Boy Hits Car - Man Without Skin

  26. 26

    Boy Hits Car - Mr. Loh

  27. 27

    Boy Hits Car - My Animal

  28. 28

    Boy Hits Car - Playa

  29. 29

    Boy Hits Car - Rebirth

  30. 30

    Boy Hits Car - Sound of a Breaking Heart

  31. 31

    Boy Hits Car - The Place Where You Come From

  32. 32

    Boy Hits Car - The Rebirth

  33. 33

    Boy Hits Car - These Burning Memories

  34. 34

    Boy Hits Car - Tonight

  35. 35

    Boy Hits Car - Turning Inward

  36. 36

    Boy Hits Car - Unheard

  37. 37

    Boy Hits Car - Windswept

  38. 38

    Boy Hits Car - You Don't Care

I Am A Cloud

Boy Hits Car

And you will ***heal*** yourself when the rain begins to fall Feel the fire burning inside us all Remove me we're going in unchained Blow away for ourselves to gather again And listen to the conversations of the sea Inside us all there's a quiet beach If we fall into our sands we will become free I myself could use a little clarity CHORUS: Cuz I am so full of love I am so full of hate I am so full of these feelings that tear me every which way I am so full of you I am so full of me I am so full of these words that don't tell her a fucking thing I am so full of love I am so full of hate I am so full of these feelings that tear me every which way Then I open up my mouth I'm a cloud These words they seldom come out When I looked into her eyes I couldn't help but wonder why She want a cloud that's floating around But I feel its time to say goodbye to fear And feel the fury of these tears As they run down my face I can't feel her so far away Cuz I am a cloud and I am so afraid CHORUS So won't you come together with me in this haze I sit at home and feel the suns daze As she changes and melts a little every day I blow away remaining unphased But I feel there's something crawling out of me I'm just a cloud watching the moon rise Those motherfuckers stepped on me They tried to fuck me from behind Cuz I am a cloud and I am so afraid I, I am, so full of love CHORUS

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