1. 1

    Br5-49 - Cherokee Boogie

  2. 2

    Br5-49 - A Little Good News

  3. 3

    Br5-49 - Ain't Got Time

  4. 4

    Br5-49 - Baby Are You Gettin' Tired Of Me?

  5. 5

    Br5-49 - Big Mouth Blues

  6. 6

    Br5-49 - Even If Its Wrong

  7. 7

    Br5-49 - Fool of the Century

  8. 8

    Br5-49 - Georgia On A Fast Train

  9. 9

    Br5-49 - Honky Tonkin' Lifestyle

  10. 10

    Br5-49 - I'm All Right

  11. 11

    Br5-49 - Knoxville Girl

  12. 12

    Br5-49 - Lets See How Far You Get

  13. 13

    Br5-49 - Lifetime To Prove

  14. 14

    Br5-49 - Little Ramona

  15. 15

    Br5-49 - Movin' The Country

  16. 16

    Br5-49 - No Friend Of Mine

  17. 17

    Br5-49 - No Train To Memphis

  18. 18

    Br5-49 - Ole Slew Foot

  19. 19

    Br5-49 - Pain Pain, Go Away

  20. 20

    Br5-49 - Price Of Love

  21. 21

    Br5-49 - Psychic Lady

  22. 22

    Br5-49 - Run A Mile

  23. 23

    Br5-49 - Seven Nights To Rock

  24. 24

    Br5-49 - She's Talking To Someone

  25. 25

    Br5-49 - Tangled In The Pines

  26. 26

    Br5-49 - That's What I Get

  27. 27

    Br5-49 - Too Lazy To Work

  28. 28

    Br5-49 - Uneasy Rider

  29. 29

    Br5-49 - Way Too Late

  30. 30

    Br5-49 - When I Come Home

  31. 31

    Br5-49 - While You Were Gone

  32. 32

    Br5-49 - Youre A Hum-dinger

Lifetime To Prove


My pockets are empty though my wife has sent me
To the store for some cigarettes and bread
I started walkin' there got as far as the square
Then the smell of beer went to my head
The thing about beer, it can make a man hear
Voices from days long since past
And with every third drink it'll make you think
That your youth will always last

No matter which way you move
It takes a lifetime to prove to yourself
I could have been more
I got one foot in the door, i just want one more

I thought of a time when my future was mine
It didn't matter what anyone said
I was handsome and strong and when i walked along
I stood erect and looked straight ahead
But then i lost my fight, "going to" turned to "might"
Somewhere along the line i lost my will
And now i'm sitting here, my life full of beer
And i try to pretend it's not real
Solo (chord change to
These days i barely survive on lot number five
In the mobile acres on the eastside of town
I swore this kind of life i'd never lead
I guess i let too many things get me down
If my pappy could see what they done to me
I swear he'd march down there and make it all right
But he's long since gone and i'm old enough now
I should be able to fight my own fight

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