Right time

Brad Kavanagh

Watch a scared
After holdin' back again
Look in the mirror
I can't make it clearer
The world at your feet

Close your eyes count to 10
Take a breath and jump in
It's better at the deep end
And it don't matter if you
Sink or swim
Just do your thing

If your waiting for the
Right time right place
You'll wait forever
Lets fly
Lets rock the waves together
You can do anything you wanna do

Can't you see that it's the
Right time right place
It's now or never
Shoot for the stars well live for ever
Don't let it slip through your hands
'Cause baby it's the right time now

The winds in your hair
Feel the sun on your face
Put your foot to the floor
Baby kick it up some more
Take a chance roll the dice
Play it safe

Surface grace
The leaves in your face
Lets go a little crazy
And it don't matter if
You lose or win
Just do your thing
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