Pura Vida


well we're waitin agian, throwin thumbs on the side of the road.
ever wonderin ever feelin, tracin lines that noone knows,
well we're waitin agian, side by side and tail to nose
salty breese is finally blowin, hef and haze are chargin marvioso

so let the wind be apon your back
and if there's sun let it shine on your face
and let the rains rip across your path providin swell to last all your days.

pablo please what will we do, now we're finally off the leash.
roster's tail what simply can i loose
findin fisht before the feast.

some times you gona chase them down just to let em go
sometimes you gona run and run em dow jsut to let em go
sometiems its not that you know

well we're waitin here again, throwin thumbs on the side of the road
ever wonderin ever feelin tracin lines that noone knows.
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