A Whole Lotta Woman

Brazen Abbot

I know a woman she loves to rock
She's hard to handle, she can't get enough
Black to the bone like a cat with no home
Restless in the shadow of the night

She walks the streets in the cold of the city
With no tomorrows, living day by day
A sliding snake looking for pray
And I can't wait to see her shed her skin, yeah

I need a hard loving woman to love me
Don't wanna be with a woman in love
It ain't a teaser who'll make my heart sing
It takes a pleaser to suit my soul

I got a hard loving woman who loves me
She'll blow the fuse on a man like me
It takes the heart of a sinner to feel me
I got a whole lotta woman to love

Hungry and high in a lovesick cry
Getting ready to please her man
Almost midnight in a full moonlight
Come on, baby, go all the way

Keep on moving, a wet steamy ride
Satin sheets, yeah, she don't come cheap
I like that woman, she makes me rock
My sin is desire, I know I'll be coming for more

I wanna dance, need no romance
Bring out the devil in me
All my life I played a hound of love
You're all I've been looking for

Hey girl, what you do to me?
A hard loving woman...
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