Such a Shame, Andy Dufresne

Brian Buckley Band

Such a shame, such a shame, Andy Dufresne
You live your whole life as it was,
As it was always meant to be,
And if was all a dream,

And if I could just stare into the sun,
I won´t feel the flames,
I won´t hurt anyone.

And if I could just erase what I did,
Take my world for it,
I would fall away again

Pay no mind, this talk of redemption
Ain´t no time, it´s already begun

Such a shame, this whole damn world
It falls away as quickly as you had it in
Your hands
Sadly, this land is not your land,

And I could just rewind and pull my
Finger from the trigger
I´d be the hero, not the killer

Pay no mind, this talk of redemption,
Ain´t no time
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