We Chose The King


We'd drive for hours, if we ever had the time,
Oh, oh, i am still around.
He thought the hours turned to minutes when she smiled,
Oh, oh, and this time i thought i was wrong here.

It's king versus queen, what side are you taking?
'cause i'll be waiting, i'll be waiting.

The queen is waving, watch that evil in her eyes,
Oh, oh, i won't be around.
The king is begging, don't you listen to the lies,
Oh, oh and this time please just don't belong here,
And don't forget his heart.

If you could just see what caution i'm taking...
'cause i'll be waiting, i'll be waiting.

In all this chaos, we found safety,
And i will never find this love again.
We're not going to take it.
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