Plenty Of Love

Britny Fox

There's a club that I go to, where this girl drives me wild.
I fell for her right on sight, with a wink and her smile.

I've been searching for a long time honey, for a girl like her.

She's got what it takes for me to make my world.
You're the girl that I need.
You make me feel at ease.
I'll satisfy all your needs.
I got plenty, (he's got plenty) plenty of lovin' for you.
Don't you know I've got plenty (he's got plenty) plenty of lovin' for you.

She gave me her number, I said I'll give her a call.
She's not just a hot little number, cause she's the belle, the belle of the ball.
I've been thinkin' about you, every day and night.
I'm gonna take you far away, to make your love feel right.

Bridge, chorus, lead, chorus out.
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