Boy Basher

Brittany McDonald

I'm not a boy basher
Not an emotional disaster
It's not hard to see I'm easy...
To get along with

I'm not a party crasher
Not one of those overreactors
I'm really not obnoxious
As long as

Get my way
As long as you
Get-Get it straight
Everything's gonna be okay, okay
As long as it's
My way
My way

We don't have to talk for hours
Don't even need to buy me flowers
Maybe you just shouldn't screw up
In the first place

Don't wanna be doted over
Ya, I really said doted over
It's not as complicated
As you make it

As long as I

Chorus (2x)

Hey, can't say I didn't warn you, Muah
Kiss Kiss
Wink Wink
Tell me do you think
Think you can handle me

I'm not a boy basher

Chorus (2x)
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