All You Need

Brother Ali

All you need right now
All you need right now

[Verse 1]
So I never told the world that the first time I toured
I came home to find that little man had been ignored
Two years old got a hold of water you had boiled
And burned his little head and his face while you snored
You were afraid of bringing him to the hospital
'Cause two weeks ago your mom called the cops on you
Child protection paid a visit
Ruled that the crib was unfit to raise kids in
I'm working ten hour days at the gig then
You were unemployed all null and void
Now I ain't trying to be no Sigmund Freud
But ain't you supposed to have instincts when it comes to the boy
I called a cab and took him to county hospital
They shaved hair and burnt flesh off his skull
Held him overnight to fight infection
I slept sitting up in a chair directly next to him
I just knew you would join us but instead
Hopped your ass on the bus went home and went to bed
That's the very moment I divorced you in my head
God might forgive you for that, I never did

All you need right now

[Verse 2]
Faheem we can see the throne from here
I may never sit there but brother you're the heir
Pull up a chair let pop bend your ear
Here baby dry those tears
I know you wonder why your mother does the things that she do
Well it's not cause she doesn't love you
It's because she grew up in something they call foster care
That's when strangers raise you your mom's not there
Imagine how she felt when she was your age
Going from place to place never feeling safe
Never having love, never having faith
She probably thought the world was a big scary place
Where was her mommy at? Well, that's kind of sad
She used drugs to forget the problems she had
They had a new one back then they called crack
Once you try it there was almost no coming back
She couldn't be the mommy she wanted to be
She was chasing a high all in the street
Won't tell you no lie real is all I be
I believe only the truth can set you free
There's a whole lot of pain in your bloodline
But there's a whole lot of strength in the sunshine
Lean back let the new day greet you
Cause you're standing on the shoulders of a people
Who been beat down and treated unequal
But the prayer that they made now has reached you
It's plain to see it's true
Beautiful prince I wish they could see you

All you need right now
All you need right now
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