The Moon


Angel eyes
Your tenderness could make me cry
Open up your heart tonight
You and me as one
(I'm finding hard to say that I'm in love)

Hold me tight
If you go I'll surely die
You're the one I want for life
More than this
What can I do to make you mine, girl

Time to fly away with me
For miles and miles away
Love will take us where we want to be
High above the Moon
High above the Moon
Close your eyes and feel my heartbeat, baby

And you're the one I see right through me
Read my mind
If your love is truly mine
I won't bring you down
(I love the way you move, your smile, your groove)

Take your time
Let me guide you
Don't be shy
If you want me
Call me now
If you feel the same
My heart can't wait no longer
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