Bruna Lages


You fall in love with me
Just like the first time
You\'ll dellirious of love
You gonna feel my heat
You will belong to me

\'Cause I\'m a firebird
Who whisper in your eas
I\'m gonna win this game
Loving you like insane
I want this burning flame

My wondering soul
Independent heart
\'Cause of you in danger
I gotta know all your secrets
Wanna take of your tranquility
Beeing nore than a friend

Don\'t you tell me no
Don\'t deni it to yourself
One breand new love
A new infatiration
Say to me
So far from the ground
I will be your gide
On the wings of dream
I\'ll reach out to your heart
Let yourself to feel
surender to me
So ride on my body
Oh my eternal love.
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