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Bruno Weigert

Walking by the streets, turning around the corners,
Messed up hair, expansive clothes,
Fully dressed in colors,
But can't you see, there's a thing,
A very little problem,
It's ok, don't worry,
Everyone is on it.

You, me, he, she,
Everyone wannabe,
Rich and loved and watched and subject
For worldwide gossip and evil comments, but

We're fameless, and nobody cares,
If we change our looks or shave our heads,
Fameless, and nobody cares,
If you're naked or gold covered.

Paparazzi everywhere, signatures and pictures,
Dream, dream, dream, dream, it's all imagination,
Even the local TV don't wanna film you,
Yes, we are anonymous and not glamorous.
Maybe someday, you'll can say
"I always wanted to be who I am"
But it's very, very, very, very, VERY hard,
You wanna drink champaign and eat caviar? (Laugh)



Oh my dear friend, I'm not saying,
"Give up your dream and move it on"
I'm warning you; I know exactly what to do,
'Cause I am fameless too!


C'mon guys!
Don't worry,
Everyone can be famous for 15 minutes!
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