1. 1

    Bubbles - I Have A Dream

  2. 2

    Bubbles - Bidibodi Bidibu

  3. 3

    Bubbles - Happy Girl

  4. 4

    Bubbles - I'll Be There

  5. 5

    Bubbles - Most Of The Time

  6. 6

    Bubbles - My Boyfriend

  7. 7

    Bubbles - Rock The World

  8. 8

    Bubbles - Round N Round

  9. 9

    Bubbles - T.K.O (Knock You Out)

  10. 10

    Bubbles - X-Mas Time

I'll Be There


Most of the time life can make you happy Spinning on a merry-go-round Most of the time laughing and parties You got your friends all around But when you're sad and lonely You know you can phone me Anytime when you're feeling down O la la don't be unhappy O la la dry your tears away O la la Monday to Sunday O la la I'll be there I'll be there I'll be there Whenever you need me I'll be there Once in a while when the rain keeps falling You don't know what you're gonna do Once in a while when your heart is calling And nobody will listen to you Bridge Chorus

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