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This is our last goodbye
Young hearts will stop, torn souls set free
All that we have is now
If this is what you want then come to me
My argentina, my love
One final kiss 'til we meet again

Now I know what it's like
To live two lives and have to choose
Sorrow and song, they dance
Let them, for all the perfect nights with you
My argentina, my love
One final kiss 'til we meet again

I never asked for your love
You gave it all and now it's gone, oh, it's gone
I can't be obligated
I never said I was the one, one, the one
This is the winter of our lives
We come to play the final scene
The curtains close and in the darkness we expose
What lies beneath

You thought I needed someone
To be complete but you were wrong, oh, so wrong
I'm nothing more than who I am
Don't put it all in my hands
I never said that I could save you from yourself
But you took the chance
And this is how it ends
Games of revenge that no one wins.
This is how it ends

We romanticize our pain
And justify our rage
We excuse ourselves and remove ourselves
From all the wars we wage
We call it love.
Competition, foolish pride, taking sides
We call it love.
Stabbing words manipulate.
It's how we're taught to use and take.
We call it love.

When you look back on what you had, not what you lost.
Then call it love.
But this is how it ends.
All things must come to an end.
And in our place once we're forgotten
A new day will come.
And the sun will shine again.
But I don't know when.
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