Break It Down

Bunch Of Believers

I don't have a degree in theology
But I once was blind and now I see
Had chains on me in slavery
But I heard the Truth and now I'm free
I was crying in the night
I was all alone
I didn't have a prayer
I was far from home
No more sting and death
No victory for the grade
And you don't have to have
Pink hair to be saved
Well I ain't no hero
Ain't much at all
Don't have a million dollars
To give to y'all

But I can point you in the right direction
Me and the boys are gonna bring the dissection

We're gonna break it on
We're gonna break it on
And tell you what it's all about
We're gonna break it on

I was in a pit
Somebody heard my shout
Reached down and grabbed me
And pulled me out
I was down for the count
And it was my own fault
Someone woke me up
With the smelling salt
The storm was all around me
Thought that I was dead
Jesus raised His hands
Peace be still, He said
At the end of the cliff
I was far from sober
But the hand of God
Kept me from falling over
I had bad habit
But He changed them all
Like DC Talk said
It was supernatural

I used to worship my guitar strums
But now all my old idols are coming

(chorus, 2x)

I once was blind
But now I see
You know what I'm saying, G

(chorus, 2x)
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