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Burning In Hell

live and feel the liberty in my eyes is just what i want
but to live in this time, in the world that is covered in flames
and demons ruled over man

living now and forever will be
my battle so i can live free
someday i will return to keep my fight and die for…

freedom is the only way
freedom to have another day
freedom is the feeling that i feel
to keep the fight for
freedom people will live again
freedom burning the eternal flames
freedom give me forces so i can live
and keep the fight for freedom

sacred blow of destiny gave us the cruel and injustice law
from the forces of the evil that will never be stopped
the parchment spoke the truth
the kiss of sacred flames will reign over the land

bridge - chorus

it's time for revenge
revenge that's mine
living now and forever my batlle will happen in this night
but i will fight …


freedom... oooohhh
and keep the fight for freedom

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