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Living in this boring world (Oh yeah)
Every day just passing by (Oh yeah)
Nobody's fault
I'm making my choice all the time

Standing still feet on the run (Oh yeah)
Stare at the sky never see the sun (Oh yeah)
In and out of mind still searching for a sign

Something is wrong...
We're losing our senses...
Really need to know what I am

Shouting out my name (Shout it out)
Trying to find my way (Find it out)
I just need a new sensation (I just need a new sensation)

Can't just sit and die (No we can't)
Baby I'll come alive (for myself)
Pull the thread from all these stitches
We can't make it without FRICTION

Uncivilized this modern world (Oh yeah)
Feed the poor with empty words (Oh no)
They're just killing and thinking no one would mine

What's going on?
Everything in haze
I'm not hiding anymore

Shouting out my name (Shout it out)
Walking down Broadway (Broadway)
I just got a new direction (I just got a new direction)
Baby I'd better fight (like a dog)
I gotta live my life (for myself)
Won't be scared to lose everything

Shouting out my name
Try to make you see my face
Now I've gotta do it my way (Now I've gotta do it my way)
Baby I've gotta fight (like a dog)
Fight for my life (for myself)
Ain't nothin' that I won't be missin'
Nothing happens without FRICTION!
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