P.o.v.city Anthem

Caddillac Tah

Hello, tah murdah
Has a message for
To accept the message
Press one
To cancel the message
Tah murdah 2001
Murdah inc.motherf***er
Mr.fingis got beat
Gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta
Murder, murder
F*** y'all niggas
Talkin' about
Uh, gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta
This is how we do
2001, 2001 nigga
Check this sh*t

Now everybody just
Bounce, bounce
My pov city hustlers
Bounce, bounce
All my hood slimies
And prada mamis
See how we fall off
In the club
It's nothing but love
Plenty bottles of skimy
Twisted and stick bud
And it fifty-fifty love
All across the board dog
Gully respect gully
Never floss for broads
Get out of my character
When she back it up
And after something good performs
I'll have you get up on it
Ma, i'll give it
How you want it
Make you a new lady
Coconut open her crazy
Now all day she two way me
Type of sh*t like
"ooh baby"
Everything you do is gravy
And models i'm hitting lately
So all you can do is hate me
Stare me down and
Screw face me
Hype ya man up to lace me
C'mon, all y'all buttersoft
Sweeter then tastys
My hands grip two hammers
Double action
Prime time
Nigga minus the action

Now get ya
Motherf***in' hands up high
Touch the sky
And if you holding weight
Nigga get it up
Mamis in the club looking right
Oh you ain't spending the night?
Give her the pen number
Mami hit me up
We can sky tell tag
Till i get you in the
Back of the jag
After we burn a bag
I'ma rip it up
Oh you a balla
Then ball to this
My pimps, gangstas, and dogs
I ain't mad at you
Now here me holla out
Gangsta, gangsta

I love the cake, and petite mamis
Wit' the coke bottle shape
So keep shakin that money maker
Mama i can't hate ya
Its a cold world, ol' girl
So take advice from a pimp
What i'm spittin' is
Venomous, and listen
When the chrome rims glistenin'
On the 'lac truck
Traffic get backed up
We finish the cloud
And smoke some spinach
Niggas ain't big enough
To ghost arounds a menace
I'm heavy weight
And i ain't speakin'
Bought pounds and venice
Use to spit off, and spark
And now its business
When you see me holla
Like you know me
I ain't scared homie
Picked up the mic
And put down the gat
And yo, now i rap and
Blow wit' a fire ash and flow
You know, and dog
I ain't gotta repeat it
Right in front of ya eyes
Ya see it, the best kept secret

Repeat chorus

And you know its
Only right and necassary
That i smash freddy
After spittin' heavy
Ba, methaphors god
My sh*t is delly
Swift and better
Believe i'm focussed now
Feed you to the vultures
Murderous poster child
Click, clak, pow
The pound sort of dropped
Catch me full of that hall
Or goin' on them pops
Thats what i love livin' in
Love them thugged women
Who will hustle and
Grind when its hard times
Playa, we came in this game
Wit' no gimmicks
Ya finished, diminshed ya
Frame that hangs in it
Straight business wit'
No limits, like master p
So if you bout that
Scrilla my nilla
Then stack them cheese
And twist up
Burn a vanilla dutch
We live it up
No bread, d*ck and big red
We givin' sl*ts
I'm just a villain
Willing to kill for
They pot of gold
You gotta know
It's all for the dough

Repeat chorus

Yeah, its a playa event nigga
All my playas ya heard me
Pov city nigga, yeah, uh
Heart of the grimsy
Cheddar boys, murderism
Yeah, its goin' down nigga
2001, murder, murder
Uh, uh, gangsta, gangsta
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