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Until You Come Back

Athena Cage

Last night I cried and cried, myself to sleep
I aint been to work one day this week, oh no
You probably think I?m kinda crazy
But I?m just crazy about you baby
And I know it?s time to get over you

1 - I don?t really wanna see nobody
I just wanna stay right here
Unplug the phone sit here and wait for you
For you to come back to me
Won?t somebody tell me please
When will I get through this pain
Things the same won?t be the same
Until you come back to me

What would my friends think
If they saw me like this
They think I?m always the one
So in control
But you got me
Chasing a dream that could never be
And I know, I gotta get over you

- 1

Don?t make me leave it behind
What we had boy
Cause darling you?ll never find
A love that?s truer than mine
Maybe one day you?ll see that my love was true
Please tell me why, why did you leave

- 1

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