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I'll Show The World

Calibretto 13

I need a job
I need somethin' to show me I ain't nothin'
I need money, I need moolah, and I need it fast
I need a job I gotta start workin'
I'm getting sick and tired of moochin'
There are things I want to do, and I need cash
But I'll show the world
They say I'm wrong but I know I'm right
I'll show the world with my God by my side
I'll show the world
Maybe I'm a dreamer far from reality
They see a loser, baby, when they look at me
I should conform to this society
But I say no thanks cause I'm gonna reach my dream
And I'll show the world
They call me clown. People look at me and frown
But I'm followin' Jesus, and he's got my crown
Maybe I should grow-up, but I'm in it way to deep
Maybe I'm a disappointment
I'm the family's black sheep
But I'll show the world

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