Power In Me

Camila Cabello

Yo, dreams we all have'em

Wake up in the morning
Still in my pijamas
Roll up to the game
Hotter than the sauna
I was maybe

Focused to the bone
Thought I use some
Had a few fases
I got different things to make
Got my squad

I got all the time that I need, yo, yo
Listing to Panda got me beep, yo, yo
Pencil in my hand, I'm the man, yo, yo
Red and green, number nineteen

Dreams, dreams, dreams, yeah
They are good for your heart
The more that you love it
The sooner you'll start it
Ain't never gonna stop me from making this art
I gotta be on point, like I'm a dart

I've got a power in me
Stronger than electricity
I gotta dream in me
That I'm gonna achieve
My momma told me
In what to belive
They wanna stop me
In what I belive

Haters gonna hate
Lovers gonna love
Ignoring what they say
I fly past you like I'm dove
I'm just doing me
That's what I love
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