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Scrape The Sky

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Here we go, here we go
Here we go, here we go
Now we blastin off into the ozone
The way we kickin in the dojo is loco fa sho though
We pavin a road that's opposed to the dodo

Going over your head like a top
Hat stop that I know you see me
Spittin' these hot raps
Now watch that beat cause it's about to drop
Been rockin since the 09 jump off yeah
Last name pan, first name peter
I know you see me flying and want me to teach

But I stay elevated so that all God's
Creatures can hear me shout it out
Like my name was aretha
Getting r-e-s-p-e-c-t fly by see the looks on your faces
Cause I'm in full e-f-f-e-c-t jetsetting on a daily basis

David eff, man - ya don't stop
Davey davey - ya don't stop
We came to rock it til the city takes off
Mister captain, I'm an ace pilot
I wanna spread my wings and fly
To all my people in coach, and to my first class folks
We'll show you how to scrape the sky

As the curvature of the earth takes
Hape fly fast forward like a video tape no cape
Just follow my jet stream loud
In the clouds sonic boom in your precinct
All hop, no trampoline black box
In the pocket of my jet jeans
Shine with the stars so bright even
Nyc sees me at night

I see london I see france now ladies
Bounce to my turbulence
Drop jams from the sky like manna
All the way from alabama to copacabana
Back to the west side where I reside
So scuse me do you care if I
Jump to the bump and take to the skies
We t minus 10 to let the hook fly

Ha sicker than yo average down
Like goose and I'm fly like maverick
With a savage attack and a mouth
Like a match spittin fuego homie
It ain't trickin' if it's magic
Illusions - indubitably juvenile my crew can do it
And we do it wild

Rock around the clock all across the nation
Got a lot of sky miles and a reputation
Of makin earthquakes everytime we land
Cause stoppin ain't an option or a part of the plan
Fools get to fumin' while I'm running on jet fuel
Now pay close attention cuz I'm ready to let you

Know what I'm all about child I got the style
That you've come to love
And I'mma stay fly til the day I die
Spittin' fresh to death from above, get it
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