Up And Away (feat. June)

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Alright kick back, relax and grab yourself a beverage
Or hop if you wanna just bounce to my lev-er-age
The evidence, as they say, is in the pudding
So show me the money like my name was cuba gooding
It ain’t fools gold, it’s gold fool
Can’t stop won’t stop keepin it old school (so cool)
Big spoon is my nom de plume
I keep it poppin like a needle and a new balloon
And if you don’t know by now then you need more schoolin
Let loose kid, get stupid
Got more flavor than I know what to do with
So get your hands up if you’re part of the movement
And bump to the bump to the bassline
I made it rock before your phone had facetime
Yessiree, you know my steeze
I stay fresh to death like I’m drowning in febreze

Up up and away we go
Up up and it's making me glow
Up up and away we go
Up up and likin' it
Up up and away

Up and away I’m in pilot mode
One step ahead on this xylophone
That mean I’m bars farther speak dough I'm bart’s father
This a homer of a hit I'm all starring
All eyes on ya boy I'm poseidon
Wavy to you outsider I'm more live-r
Let me open up like this a door knocker
And show you how I lay it down so proper
No scholar but much class a gem found
Under your nose like a mustache, my pen splash
Equivelant of a benzo, m class
So fly my wardrobe come with jetlag
Cautious though cuz my hooks is fresh crack
So dope I'm a certified meth lab
Pen addict that’s been at it I been fresh
On lines with my pen game that pinterest
Thats june holla fame dollar game
Something big like wallace you pocket change
All about presidents no politician
But for every big face ill be the running mate yes

Hello nurse, let me burst on this verse
I rock steady but I never rehearse
And ev-er-y verse I work is right on the money
Yo I got more raps than a mummy, honey
This be the boogie to jumpstart your ventricles
Strapped on the track like tentacles
I’ll put the squeeze on these other mc’s
Cuttin imitators off at the knees, oh please
The way I’m rippin it up
I never let up, so hold onto your butts
And I’mma wake you up, show you how it’s done
I’ll kick your swagger in the athletic cup, son
I’m blessed to be spitting these rhymes
Instead of sitting in a cubicle and losing my mind
So this is my time to shine

And I’mma do it so bright I’ll make busters go blind
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