Lauren's Shaving Kit

Cap de Craniu

I got my perfect kit!

I wake up near the bathroom
My kit is waiting
Day by day I use it gently
But today I failed - NO!

Oh my god the kit is
Alive and mad
It is cutting my face
I fall in blood!!!!!!!

It's blade is slicing
My parts are down
I try to hide in a closet
But the kit is fast
It hurts - blood runs all over
I have no eyes!!!!
It cuts deep in my head
I feel my skinless skull un---safe

Without skin I loose my skull
Headless I remain
The damn kit locked me here
I have no chance! NO!

I cannot breathe inside flesh
My skull is so far
I vomit my gall
Through my throat hole

The kit is cutting
My wife in two
She gets a blood flood
From inside her wound
The kit don't stop
Her slices are more
A half-hand standing
Bleeding on my jobshirt

Rats are
Rats are
Rats are
Chewing us!
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