1. 1

    Cappadonna - MCF

  2. 2

    Cappadonna - Money Cash Flows

  3. 3

    Cappadonna - 96 Recreation (demo)

  4. 4

    Cappadonna - 97 Mentality

  5. 5

    Cappadonna - Anotha Riddle

  6. 6

    Cappadonna - Big Business

  7. 7

    Cappadonna - Black Boy

  8. 8

    Cappadonna - Blood Brothers

  9. 9

    Cappadonna - Blood On Blood War

  10. 10

    Cappadonna - Bread of Life

  11. 11

    Cappadonna - Broken Glass

  12. 12

    Cappadonna - Call it Quits (Bonus Track)

  13. 13

    Cappadonna - Cap is Back

  14. 14

    Cappadonna - Check For A Nigga

  15. 15

    Cappadonna - Dart Throwing

  16. 16

    Cappadonna - Do It Push

  17. 17

    Cappadonna - Everything Is Everything

  18. 18

    Cappadonna - Get Away From the Door

  19. 19

    Cappadonna - Girlfriend

  20. 20

    Cappadonna - Got to Find a Way

  21. 21

    Cappadonna - I Can See

  22. 22

    Cappadonna - If It's Alright With You

  23. 23

    Cappadonna - Killa Killa Hill

  24. 24

    Cappadonna - Life of a Lesbo

  25. 25

    Cappadonna - Love is the Message

  26. 26

    Cappadonna - Mamma

  27. 27

    Cappadonna - Milk The Cow

  28. 28

    Cappadonna - My Kind of Bitch

  29. 29

    Cappadonna - My Slang Is Editorial (Exclusive Remix)

  30. 30

    Cappadonna - Oh Donna

  31. 31

    Cappadonna - One Four Love Pt. 2

  32. 32

    Cappadonna - One Way 2 Zion

  33. 33

    Cappadonna - Pain is Love

  34. 34

    Cappadonna - Pillage

  35. 35

    Cappadonna - Power to the Peso

  36. 36

    Cappadonna - Pump Your Fist

  37. 37

    Cappadonna - Revenge

  38. 38

    Cappadonna - Role of Ya Lifetime

  39. 39

    Cappadonna - Run

  40. 40

    Cappadonna - Save the Children

  41. 41

    Cappadonna - Shake Dat

  42. 42

    Cappadonna - Slang Editorial

  43. 43

    Cappadonna - South Of The Border

  44. 44

    Cappadonna - Splish Splash

  45. 45

    Cappadonna - Struggle With This

  46. 46

    Cappadonna - Supa Ninjaz

  47. 47

    Cappadonna - Super Model

  48. 48

    Cappadonna - Sweet Love

  49. 49

    Cappadonna - Tar Pit (feat. Wu-Tang Clan, George Clinton, Streetlife)

  50. 50

    Cappadonna - The Grits

  51. 51

    Cappadonna - War Rats

  52. 52

    Cappadonna - We Got This

  53. 53

    Cappadonna - We Know

  54. 54

    Cappadonna - Wu-wear: The Garment Renaissance

  55. 55

    Cappadonna - Young Hearts

Black solidarity day arrest sentence
Looking at the moon he starts his coming soon
High like my man cmon give me the fame
His flame is so bright open up your life
Let me swim wiht your feelings
I love yall to death get married to my song
I prolong nigga my style is real strong
Plus I stay dipped like the first day of school
Blood pool kid with the low cut fade
My darts is number one playtime is over
Black October, my debt still correct
revised and updated from the old temple
Big Pens is Tai Chi
Head crack shit my brains is Jet Lee
Put away your weapons its Master MC
One hundred skills if you ever try to fuck me
Feet come first, sometimes not the head
Some niggas eat, some dont get fed
If you live by the sword you might die by the lead
You get what you get if you thinking with your dick
MCF mean your thinking with your head
Money comes first this time I cant dead
You get what you get if you thinking with your dick
MCF mean your thinking with your head
Warp in the projects watch out for Ted
Hearse get your first, too late, no paramed
Dark Park Hill day, cold and sour
Its only Staten Island that represent the power
God body we stand, unite, kid, right
With the excellent beam of light, so stand still
Hold your breath, the late homicide hill
Before the big gates, everything was chill
SHAOLIN, its like Hurricane Kim
SUUU, you better beware, we comin in
Original, yeah its the kid from back then
To all the pussy niggas that be tryin to pretend
MCF killa bees, son what, you gotta problem
Deja vu, 45 slug that escalates
Dont perpetrate, hip hop is mine
Find something else, words is dealt, quarterly
In a orderly fashion, thrashin, black mamma javelins
Travellin, once again dun, try to comprehend
Catch a split end
Im takin trips downtown, havin the shit go down
Fresh niggas, fresh hats, sometimes I carry gats
Low straps, baggy slacks, one forced the chain with the six gold caps
I go for dolo, hear my LP style for solo
Han Solo with his rap Star Wars goin on tours for the course
whirlwind, record spin, walk forward, explorin
The lime livin, plus thank heads forgivin
But sue the ones that dont, Cappa's goin gold
never sold my soul, twenty somethin years old
Try for the globe, one time tastin the wine
Teeth are dumb, deaf, and blind, have strength
to go the whole length, for my two seeds, house these,
Tooth fairies, February sanctuaries, child support court
Days are too short, Im completin all my goals, stay amped up
Be alert, secure the foundation, seek more education
that money can never worth, head first, feet first, whatever the case
MCF means fuck off kid, you outta place

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