You are the reason


There is a guarantee
Peace and security
Follow you around the world
Gotten in something
So near and yet so far
God knows where you are
Show us a better way
To a brighter day

Seen through the eyes of love
You know the world may seem a better place
And yet, the moment that you realize
There's so much pain before your baby eyes
Never did my dreams come true
There wasn't anything that I could do
Until I cast my gaze up to the skies
And saw the truth & you opened my eyes

Teach us of love,
because we're searching for the sun
You are the reason
Though our world is comin' down don't hide away
The reason we are here
We need you with us

And to guide us again in peace
You make me holy
Holy and generous
Just wait a little while
With your pleasant smile
I want to love your eyes
Stand up alone and fight
be by your side
The truth inside
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