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There's No Place Like Home

Carach Angren

Once upon a time
There stood a house of ill fame
A drug property
Associated with violence and crime
There lived a family in despair
Sorrow and tragedy

Father was a drinker
And a goddamn fiend
A sadistic motherfucker
Who could not keep his hands of his own kin
His soul was meant for the devil
It was rotten from within
After all those years of sin

Mother was a skeleton whore
Fucked up on heroin, wine and pills
Whatever she could score more
Her black circled eyes
Were simply empty
Her body was bruised and scarred
Oh, life was hard!

And if her sick alcoholic husband had a temper
He would beat up his wife
One time he took a knife and stabbed her twice
No! Not deep enough for she survived!
Once their marriage
An enchantment of love and trust
Hopes and dreams became nightmares
Of shame, abuse and disgust

Assault! Assault!
Domestic violence!
Family battery!
Rape, violence
Violence, violence, violence

Assault! Assault!
Abuse, abuse
Domestic violence!
Assault! Assault!

Once upon a time
They were blessed with two children
A boy and girl
Now by the age of twelve and nine
Traumatized and neglected
In a household of blood
Tears and wine

One night, father became completely insane
The children awoke by a horrible tumult
From downstairs, sounds of screaming
Breaking glass and the throwing of chairs
But the children felt asleep again
And the girl had a disturbing dream

A stifling feeling of a hand covering her mouth
A smell of alcohol all around
She doesn't understand
And cannot defend herself
When will this suffocating dream end?
Finally! She is able to breathe
But when her bastard father
Shut the door behind him
She realized this nightmare was no dream!
No! No dream!
No! No dream!
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