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    Card Michael - Joy In The Journey

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    Card Michael - Immanuel

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    Card Michael - Abba Father

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    Card Michael - Arise, My Love

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    Card Michael - City of Doom - Michael Black

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    Card Michael - Distressing Disguise

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    Card Michael - Dragon

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    Card Michael - God's Own Fool

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    Card Michael - Hallelujah

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    Card Michael - Live This Mystery

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    Card Michael - Love Crucified Arose

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    Card Michael - New Jerusalem

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    Card Michael - Salvation

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    Card Michael - Scandalon

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    Card Michael - Song of the Lamb

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    Card Michael - The Spirit Of The Age

  17. 17

    Card Michael - To the Overcomers

  18. 18

    Card Michael - Unveiling

  19. 19

    Card Michael - You Are Worthy

Abba Father

Card Michael

Until Your Son called out to me I was lost For years my cradle swung above the grave It is a wondrous thing to be adopted by a king To know a love that crowns and crucifies When Your Spirit moves I breath a prayer to You A cry not from my mouth but from the heart Because the Spirit came, I can use Your holy name The tender name a son could only use Chorus Abba Father, Abba Father Since that word became Your covenant name Abba Father I cry out to You Knowing You will hear my plea For You've adopted me Your Spirit of adoption came and filled my heart To smile upon the earth behind my eyes Urging me to give, teaching me to live To show the family likeness of Your love So Jesus has become for me a brother Lord The special son that died to set us free His cross for me has won the right to be Your son A blessed son You'd never cast aside Repeat Chorus

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