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When You're 21

Carl Perkins

Now, y'was just a young fellah, Son
The night your poor Mama died
And you don't remember it now
Why,we was both right there by Mama's side
Ya see, your Ma had this sickness, Boy
From all the hard work she'd done
And she prayed all of her life
That God would let her raise her baby to be twenty-one
Aw, me and you never moved into town, Boy
We just kept on livin' out here
And life's been pretty bad
For the past twenty-one years

Aw, I remember now when you was a little fellah
And I used to take my boy to church
And I seen you in the choir with them other young'uns
And it gave this heart a jerk
Ah, you sounded like a little bitty angel, Boy
And to Papa you sure did look sweet
Even though your little ragged britches
They came half-way to your skinny little knees

After the service was all over
Aw, it always filled your Papa's heart with joy
The good Preacher'd step down
And he'd pat your little head and then he'd say
"Carlin, you've got yourself a fine little boy"

Then me and you'd get in the wagon, Child
And you'd look over towards me
And you know, you just smiled an'
Why, I'd hand you the lines,
And I'd let you drive for a little while
Oh I guess life has been tough
For me, and for you too Son
And I know tonight that I've prayed all of my life
That I could raise my baby to be twenty-one

So tonight, Son
Livin' the life down here is about over
And my work's on earth about done
Maybe now I'll get to go see the Lord and to live with your Mama
Aw, thank you Lord
'Cause tonight my baby is twenty-one

Precious, sacred scenes untold
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