Male Supremacy


I live to war
It's in my blood
If I want it I take
The men I've killed
The children slaves
And all the woman I've raped

Between my legs
I've got what it takes
To be called a man
Fighting, feasting
Fucking all I can
Moonlight on horseback
'Till death we will ride
Northern winds pushing us
Towards suicide

Mars god of war
Masturbating in rage
Wild libido
I've freed from its cage

Male Supremacy

I eat the brains from my enemy's head
I proudly wear their scalps
I burn their towns
To the ground
To me the prisoners bow
Muscle, sweat, long hair
And dirt leather
Fur and chains

My uniform torn and worn
Covered with blood stains
Testosterone mates
With adrenaline
Bearing a son
Of insane aggression
Woman will never know
Or understand
The power men feel
To kill with their hands

After the war
I come home weak and sore
I fall into your arms
We lie by the fire
You feed my desire
With me safe and warm
Outside the wind blows cold
Inside the embers glow
Shelter from the storm

Years been away
I fought night and day
For my land and my king
Woman it's true
I do battle for you
You my everything
When on the fur
I make love to her
How her body sings
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