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Caught You


Hmm.. we did so many things wrong
So now i think it's too late for us

But wait, listen for a minute baby(oh,oh oh)

Spent last night wonderin where ya been
Jumped in my ride just searchin for somethin
As i stopped at the light
Through all the noise i could hear your voice
So i looked in my rear view and i saw you
Oh and it hurt so bad

What can i do,girl i saw you (yes i did)
What can you say,girl i caught you ( yes i did,yes did,yea yea)
Just can't explain,way he kissed you
It's gonna hurt i'm gonna miss you( oh yes i will,yes i will)

I don't know what i'm gonna do
It's the very next night,your all alone
Waiting so,i looked in your eyes
Nothing there but despair
I asked where you were last night,and don't lie
You said u spent the evening at your girlfriends
Why you wanna pretend


Baby i can't lie
I'm not the average guy (no,no)
And i'm not gon sit around,i won't even ask you why
The choice you made was yours to make
But thanks for all the love you gave
But baby now it's time to say goodbye
Goodbye, thankyou bye bye bye baby

[chrous (till fade)]
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