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Pain 101

Casey Jones

When it's all over, said and
done I'll still be standing,
screaming this song. Look me
in the eyes and tell me what
you see. A standard issue
mind, pure, clean and drug
free. I have made my choice. This is my voice to teach
what I believe is the right
way for me. This is my voice,
I am proud to be drug free.
This says it all.

hey yo kids I can only ask to
hold my glass while I grab a
golf club and a goalie mask.
I gotta spit a verse with
Casey Jones and we here to
blaze the domes in every
racist homes. to every block
party and traffic jams back
in the day son, yea, you know
I had a plan. Me and the boys
cause a ruckus, cause no one can touch us with a whole
lotta luck with a little
brass on the knuckles. Now
when I say hardcore, I don't
mean Korn, fag. And when you
see three X's, I ain't
reading a porn mag. See, you
just confused like a gangsta
with an orange rag. I'm
watching the scene split up
like a torn bag. But all the
fakers fall out, taking the
wrong route. Now kids
wondering, who i'm making
this song about. See back
then my mom thought all my
friends was Satanists, and
now they're not even my
friends, they're just
acquaintances. When I came
home from college I was
starting to rap, everybody
was trading their X's in for
cartons and packs. Rest of
these cats think that weed
sacks will help 'em get their
______ back and they wonder where they cheese at. Ya'll
turn the red light on for a
one-night stand becoming
whores for some empty coors
and bud light cans. If you
don't care about that, I
could care less. I'll be
making six figures while
you're peeping hairnets. I
gotta weird appetite, I can't
eat off of their checks, so I
stand alone in the pit and beat on my bare chest. Take a
look at what's left, from old
school to new school but the
only thing that's real is the
few. the proud.
and the crucial.
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