One More Song For You

Casting Crowns

Staring at this old piano
Playing through the memories that it holds
Singing through the stories that it’s told
And all the prayers that have been lifted
The leaps of faith, the giants slain
Desperate cries, and broken praise
Have all the songs been sung?
Is there still room for one?

Maybe one more hand in the air saying You are Holy
One more shattered heart singing You are good
Maybe one more voice crying out for mercy
One more hungry soul declaring You’re enough
As long as there’s breath in me
Lord, there will always be
One more song for You
One more song for You

What can I offer You but weakness?
All my life I tried to hide
You brought it all into the light
I’m still amazed that You would choose me
If You can use the least of these
Then there is no one You can’t reach
In a world that’s lost its song
Show them there’s still room for one

With no one here but You to listen
My heart is bursting at the seams
Out of all the songs I’ve lifted what I truly hope to see
Is one more broken life made whole
One more prodigal brought home
What better way to praise Your name and majesty
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